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HURO0901/241/2.1.3 Active Tours PROJECT INTRODUCTION

Developing Active Tourism through EU funds


Mid-Békés Territorial Development Municipal Association started its project named Organising Thematic Tourism Programmes in the Körös Valley - HURO/0901/242/2.1.3. on 1st, November, 2010 in frames of the ’Hungary-Romania Cross border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013’. The project closed on 30th June 2012.


The association aims to promote and develop the Middle-Békés area in social-economical, cultural aspects, to harmonise regional development policies, create joint programmes. One of the joint directions to be developed is tourism – based on the cultural and natural values of the area. The supported project provides is a good contribution to match these goals, as the project aims to raise the Körös-Valley a popular destination in tourism, with an organisation and coordination that considers natural and environmental sustainability. The equipments purchased in the project can be used by the incoming tourists, local schools, and municipal institutions, providing the good spare time activity of the inhabitants and tourists.

The total budget was 113.653 €, with 5 % own contribution.

Outputs of the project:

-   There are more programme facilities thanks to the suggested routes in the project

-   The supply of tourism equipments has raised in the area

-  The brochure offering tour facilities is filling a gap by summarizing the popular programme routes in Arad and Békés counties

-    More vivid tourism activities, growing number of guests can be expected through the project results.

Results of the project:


The supply of active tourism facilities has been enlarged through several equipments obtained within the project: two dragon boats, twelve canoes, bicycles (22), Nordic Walking sticks (10 pairs) and GPS (9) can be used at local tourism programmes and event organisation possible.


An important factor of the project is to locate two piers, one on the Élővíz-channel connecting the three towns of Mid-Békés and one on the Kettős-Körös river. These piers, filling a gap, provide proper infrastructure.

Joint Tourism Marketing Strategy

The study introduces the tourism values, facilities, situation, popular tour routes and opportunities and promotional suggestions of the project results contributes to the activity of local tourism providers. The strategy can be downloaded from the left-side menu of in Hungarian and English languages.


In frames of the project, 15 active tourism programme will be surveyed in Arad county and Mid-Békés. These programme facilities are introduced as packages in Hungarian, Romanian and English brochures to promote local natural and cultural values and attract tourists to Arad and Békés counties. The programme packages will be appropriate for tourism providers to supply their guests with more spare time facilities to dive deeper in the nature and culture of the region of the Körös Valley, without borders. The brochures are available in Tourinform offices and can be downloaded at

Study trips

Two study trips organised for tourism providers in the project contributed to better cross-border cooperation and familiarizing each others’ tourism values.


Results of the project are presented at the website of the Lead Partner at, and at the Romanian partners’ website From the website the brochures in three languages, the marketing strategy can be downloaded and the booking of the tourism equipments is possible. The visitor can be informed in the current events at


            The project is implemented by the coordination of Mid-Békés Territorial Development Municipal Association as lead partner with Körös Valley Nature Park Public Association and the Arad Office of the Romanian National Council of Small and Medium Sized Entreprises as partners.


Tourism programmes

Active tourim brochure

Tourism equipments

Marketing strategy

Romanian sites

The project "Organising Thematic Tourism Programmes in the Körös Valley" was implemented under the Hungary-Romania Cross-Border Co-operation Programme 2007-2013 (, and is part-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund, Hungary and Romania. The programme aims to bring the different actors – people, economic actors and communities – closer to each other, in order to better exploit opportunities offered by the joint development of the border area.